MAYAi Holdings: Driving Change, Inspiring Growth.

We are the strategic stewards behind BrainStorm Holdings and the trusted guardians of Heirloom Trust's assets. We own and manage four dynamic companies' investments, collateral, and intellectual property: Visionaries, MAYrganic, Thina, and Philanor. These Limited Liability Companies operate under our careful guidance, ensuring their continued success and alignment with Heirloom Trust's vision.

Our Vision

Where Imagination Meets Impact.

Our Mission: To empower the next generation through groundbreaking initiatives that elevate the human experience. We achieve this by:

Unleashing Potential: We identify and nurture high-potential businesses across design, investments, and restaurants, providing them with the resources and expertise to thrive.

Catalyzing Innovation: We foster a culture of innovation, championing disruptive ideas and groundbreaking technologies that shape the future.

Optimizing Performance: We leverage data-driven insights and operational excellence to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

Embracing Sustainability: We integrate ethical practices and environmental responsibility into our operations, minimizing our impact and contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Empowering Stakeholders: We believe in creating shared value and working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve mutual success and positive impact.

Our Mission

We Build, We Guide, and We Empower.

From sparkling design studios to innovative restaurants, we strategically acquire, develop, and manage businesses across diverse industries. Unwavering in our commitment to excellence and sustainable growth, we unlock potential, optimize performance, and secure long-term success for all stakeholders. 

6 Pillars of MAYAi Holdings' Business Success

Strategic Business Expansion & Development

At MAYAi Holdings, we specialize in discerning high-potential businesses spanning various industries. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and opportunities, enabling us to acquire or invest strategically, serving as catalysts for accelerated growth and sustained success.

Dynamic Growth & Innovative Solutions

Our esteemed team of experts is entirely dedicated to assisting your business in reaching its full potential. We specialize in accelerating expansion, fostering a culture of innovation, and deploying cutting-edge strategies that pave the way for market dominance. By partnering with us, you can transform challenges into opportunities and drive unparalleled success. Our guidance can lead you towards achieving your goals and taking your business to the next level. We are prepared to help you overcome obstacles and propel you towards a thriving future.

Performance Excellence & Operational Efficiency

Our organization is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your business. We provide data-driven insights and operational expertise to streamline your processes, optimize resource allocation, and maximize profitability. With our help, you can elevate your performance and achieve unparalleled efficiency, resulting in a stellar return on investment. 

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Elevating your business to new heights requires a steadfast commitment to excellence across every touchpoint. Our team ensures that your products, services, customer experiences, and employee satisfaction consistently surpass expectations. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to build trust, foster loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

Sustainable Excellence at the Core

We are proud to offer our commitment to incorporating sustainable practices in every aspect of your operations, enabling you to embrace a greener future. Our approach to sustainability encompasses minimizing environmental impact and promoting ethical sourcing to ensure a positive contribution to your brand and the planet. We understand that sustainability has become a fundamental aspect of modern business practices, and our team is dedicated to assisting you in achieving eco-friendly excellence. We invite you to join us in this journey toward lasting sustainability, where we can work together to create a better future for all.

Collaborative Empowerment for Collective Success

Step into a collaborative environment where employees, investors, and partners are not just contributors but empowered stakeholders sharing in the rewards. Join us in fostering a culture where every individual plays a vital role in the collective success journey of your business. Your success is our collaborative achievement.

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Our Passion

MAYAi Holdings, Built on Love, Passion, and Dreams

We are the architects of audacious futures, bridging the gap between aspiration and accomplishment. We empower individuals and organizations to materialize their boldest visions, igniting a chain reaction of transformative progress. Our expertise lies in forging strategic partnerships across industries, enabling the co-creation of groundbreaking ideas that reshape the world. We are the catalyst for positive change, accelerating the realization of a brighter future.

About Us

At MAYAi Holdings, we're not just about business; we're about building a brighter future. Fueled by an unwavering passion for progress and transformation, we cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of diverse ventures, each driven by boundless creativity and a deep commitment to sustainability.