Who am I?

From day one, I have been recognized as one of the leading business consultants in the food and beverage industry. These experiences have allowed me to develop and surround myself with a team that can provide our clients with a wide range of services. These services will ensure growth as well as allow our clients to thrive. This is just one of the many steps that assure that BrainStorm is here for our clients, wherever, whenever.

What am I known for?

Predominantly, I am known for providing the following services throughout the industry:

  • Project planning for restaurants, hotels, and retail businesses

  • Business analysis

  • Crisis Management

  • Customer experience consulting

  • Employee engagement research

  • Employee management research

  • Beverage innovation

  • Financial advisory

  • Marketing strategy

  • Mystery dining and shopping services

  • Employee services

Tell me more...

Referencing the restaurant consulting side of the business, I can provide mystery diners, shoppers, and/or employees to complete the task. These individuals are selected to “spy” or observe staff members and customers. Ultimately, they report back with a perspective of the total experience. This begins the moment they walk through the door. This process is completed through a rubric that I will create with individual clients. This ensures that my consultation services are specific to individual businesses thus proving a clear and objective lens to move forward and prosper.

What about training?

My specialty centers around restaurant launches. I provide the ability to help restaurants that are struggling financially. In addition, I also help clients through food and beverage strategies, menu development, real estate brokerage, concept development, restaurant design, construction, operational procedures, and staff training. These are some examples for which I quickly gained recognition throughout the industry. I own three copyrights on techniques that properly train employees through their best learning styles. These include training for auditorial, visual, or tactical learners.

Sweet Jesus, what else?

As a Hospitality Expert with almost 30 years of experience, I have served clients everywhere from Asheville, NC, to Zionsville, IN. Working in all 50 states has allowed me to collaborate with many different types of restaurants. This includes small businesses to large developers. This has opened the door to numerous opportunities that have allowed me to hone in on my trade. If you are accessible and movable, the climb up the ladder to success is fast, efficient, and rewarding.

But, what sets you apart?

I help restaurants stand out in ways like no other company in the industry can match. Our services go above and beyond your investment and onto your future. We ensure that you will find immediate success in our services. So much so that success is guaranteed or your money back.

Money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! A money-back guarantee is better stated as a “satisfaction guarantee.” This provides our clients with a sense of safety and security when investing in our services. This is another feature that is unique to BrainStorm. Simply put, it is not hard to guarantee and stand behind a service if you can guarantee the outcome. I guarantee the outcome. It is as simple as that.

This guarantee was created in part due to small restaurants. These services will open the door and allow small restaurants to achieve and experience large corporation success without a large risk factor. If you are reading this, I am almost certain that you understand and can relate to said factors.

But wait, there's more.

My clientele has been mostly through chain restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, KFC, Ocean Prime, Seasons 52, and hundreds more. These have included analyses, expansion, menu strategy, marketing, mergers, and acquisitions to name a few.

Why BrainStorm?

First and foremost, restaurants are businesses that can only go so far with just the ideas and expertise of their founders. For instance, when an expansion is in order or, conversely, a company is failing, it is essential to seek outside help from an expert that is well versed in the industry. That is Brainstorm! A restaurant consulting firm can provide the needed external expertise and strategies to take your restaurant to the next level. That is BrainStorm way!

For more information, click the contact me button and begin the process of truly finding the success you need.