Most people have known me as a larger-than-life personality who takes a no-holds-barred approach to help hotels, restaurants, bars, and businesses reach their full potential. Since 2000, I have been highly sought-after as a business consultant and creator.

What separates me from other entrepreneurs is that I bring knowledge and experience to the Food & Bev industry that has never been matched. I have helped open over 10000+ restaurants in 100 countries worldwide with some of the world's top brands, all while pursuing my business dream. This allowed me to utilize my educational background and gain authentic industry experience.

Upon launching BrainStorm Holdings, Inc., my initiative has been to serve business owners differently from the average consulting agency. As the Founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer, my focus remains the same; to help your business grow and prosper with the benefits of Ai at their fingertips. I am a sharp CEO with twenty-seven years of authentic, hands-on, small business marketing, merging, managing, developing, and training some of the world's best.

As a CEO/Founder with a formal education in business management, business administration, and marketing, I understand the daily whirlwind of business and its impact on human behavior. I have shown executives worldwide how to build relationships that help clients prosper, the main factor in creating the culture you genuinely want within your company. With currently 6,885 employees in over 1,291 different companies, one thing I know is how to build teams fast from the ground up. 

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