What I Own

BrainStorm Holdings, Inc.

BrainStorm Holdings, Inc. is a corporation operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona. We own and operate BrainStorm Consulting, BrainStorm CEO, BrainStorm Wine, BrainStorm Restaurants, and BrainStorm Foundation.

Cold-Storage Crypto

I am currently holdings the world's most extensive cryptocurrency portfolio in the world.

Chateau Young

With sweeping hillsides, rolling pastures, and a majestic red canyon, this unique 292-acre ranch offers you the freedom to escape the hustle of the world within minutes from town and embrace a lifestyle of the rugged west.

Coming Soon

Famished Cafe and The Local Eatery. Two Farm-to-table concepts that will knock your socks off with flavor. Stop drooling; I haven't even started cooking yet.

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hello@brainstorm.ceo (Personal)

ceo@brainstorm.holdings (Business)

Mon - Thurs (9am - 7pm)