New Restaurant Opening

It’s understandable that amid the chaos of opening a restaurant, you don’t exactly feel like taking on another project and planning yet another Big Thing — but if your opening is to be grand, you’ve got no choice but to plan way ahead. Grand openings are about more than just one significant event — they involve getting your future community excited about your arrival and spreading the word far and wide in as many ways possible.

Business Plans

I have made over 2500+ business plans for start-ups and existing businesses requiring financing, introducing new products, entering new markets, and restructuring. I provide a comprehensive road map for your business that outlines goals and details and how you plan to achieve those goals.


I will help create a detailed marketing plan, determine a business's marketing message, identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to the target market, and love implementing the marketing strategy. Often I help monitor results and tweak campaigns to ensure that companies get the best results from their marketing efforts and analytics.

Website Development

I design, create and modify Web sites. Analyze user needs to implement Web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity. We may integrate Web sites with other computer applications. This includes converting written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible Web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of Web and multimedia content.

Management Consulting

Businesses today face numerous problems, many of which are detrimental to operating efficiently. With the ever-changing market landscape and the emergence of new technologies, businesses need to continue to evolve and often need assistance to implement changes vital to their economic health.

Start-Up Consulting

Starting a restaurant is a business adventure like no other. The world of hospitality is exciting and promising, but it leads to challenges and barely any competition. So if you’re considering your own restaurant startup, you need a company like BrainStorm Consulting with our unmatched experience to get your business off the ground running, the right way from the first day.

Non-Profit Consulting

I am here to help you get started on your non-profit business. If you are wondering how to form a non-profit, I can help establish and set up your non-profit business. I have an Ai system to prepare all documents needed to file and get non-profit status.

Financial Consulting

I meet personally with clients to assess their financial situation and present a financial plan that includes short- and long-term financial goals. In addition, I help clients with financial planning decisions for retirement, education, day-to-day expenses, and investments.

Credit Restoration

Quite simply, credit restoration also referred to as credit repair, is the process of disputing the accuracy or verifiability of account information on you and your businesses credit reports.

Project Planning

A project plan includes considerations for risk management, resource management, and communications while also addressing scope, cost, schedule baselines, and several other factors.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

Concept Development

The overall process of restaurant design, remodeling, planning, etc., is often referred to as the discipline of restaurant concept development. Restaurant concept development is a larger circle that encompasses other considerations such as market and competitive research, emerging and fading trends, financial modeling and what-if scenarios, branding and brand evolution, supply chain issues, and potentially even brand portfolio management (for hospitality enterprises with multiple brands in a family that must articulate). Whether a restaurant renovation or developing an entirely new prototype, restaurant concept development should be involved. One cannot look at restaurant design in a vacuum or strictly involve interior designers and architects.

Crisis Management

Crisis management refers to identifying a threat to an organization and its stakeholders to mount an effective response to it. Due to the unpredictability of global events, many modern organizations attempt to identify potential crises before they occur to devise plans to deal with them. When and if a crisis occurs, the organization must be able to change course to survive drastically.

Customer Experience Consulting

Our methodology transforms the overall customer experience strategy, delivering unprecedented outcomes that transcend improvements in individual functions. We draw on proprietary tools and multidisciplinary expertise.

Branding Strategies

Much of the role of the brand is to stand out and be remembered, which is why strategy is so critical to success. Unfortunately, most brands simply don’t take the time to define their strategy. For those that do, there is an audience who wants what you have and are happy to give their attention to the difference you offer.

Employee Engagement Research

Employee engagement is a physical and psychological condition related to working cognitively, emotionally, and behavior to achieve the organization's goals.

Menu Development

You do your research, crunching numbers, and taste-test every recipe. Restaurant menu development combines the best of your culinary talents and practical kitchen skills. It’s exacting and exciting, building a solid framework for impressing dining guests and increasing profits. But, it’s a process that pairs best with an organized approach.

Mystery Dining, Shopping, and Employee Services

My experience has taught us what is essential with today’s consumers and how to measure their guest satisfaction in the most effective ways. The result of our experience is actionable data that you can rely on.

Food & Beverage Strategies

Based on my experience, the right food and beverage marketing strategies can turn your direct-to-consumer efforts into one of your most profitable channels. I know this because I’ve worked with many of the fastest growing 7-8 figure food and beverage brands online such as Kettle & Fire, Verb Energy, and Drink02. I’ve seen what it’s like to deal with the naturally low average order value, low-profit margins, fast-approaching expiration dates, and potentially high shipping costs most brands experience in this space. But I’ve also found that growth is guaranteed if you focus on the strengths of the food and beverage business model.

Real Estate Strategies

Market analysis for real estate, fiscal and economic impact analysis, and economic development strategic planning. I can assist developers, corporations, governments, and not-for-profit organizations create successful residential, commercial, and industrial real estate development projects.

Restaurant Design

Restaurant design is a critical component of the guest experience. For millions of Americans, dining at a restaurant is more than eating a meal out — it’s a form of entertainment. That means guests don’t want to “feel at home.” They want a memorable experience away from home.

Standard Operational Procedures

Standard operating procedures, including procedures, workflows, and work instructions, enable good communication and promote consistency in processes and output. SOPs help team members work toward common goals. Managers, team members, and consultants can come together to build processes and document those processes. SOPs, in conjunction with regular training and feedback, guide teams to success.

Staff Training

With every guest, your staff should strive not only to meet expectations but to exceed them. My restaurant training content is based on a training philosophy developed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Our training focuses on increasing sales and improving service, preparing your staff for success.


Restaurant expansion can pay off in the long run if it’s approached with the focus and intent to ensure all your bases are covered before opening your new location.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Restaurant mergers and acquisitions have an influential impact on the global food service industry. Big companies are consolidating chains across categories, cuisines, and technologies. And regardless of the future economic climate, there will be an opportunity in the food service space. If there’s a liquidity crisis, M&A opportunities will come through consolidation and distressed assets investment. If the economy is booming, emerging brands and markets will reveal new growth acquisition targets and look to create footholds in new areas of interest. While I expect M&A activity to pick up over the next five years, strategies will change significantly. There’s plenty of capital to put behind food service companies, and some concepts that are not even on the radar right now will jump to considerable valuations in the next few years — even a market for distressed assets.

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