Maverick A. Young

 Visionary Leadership, Unyielding Determination, and the Power to Transform.

Maverick A. Young is the visionary and progressive Chief Executive Officer of Brainstorm Holdings Inc., a prominent holding corporation. With an impressive 28-year tenure in the industry, Maverick has established himself as a distinguished leader renowned for his ability to inspire, drive transformation, and conceive revolutionary ideas for businesses across the globe.

Maverick's unwavering determination to overcome adversity has propelled him to unprecedented success from the outset of his entrepreneurial journey. Despite facing severe abuse and deception from those around him, he demonstrated remarkable resilience, putting himself through high school and college, obtaining two MBAs and three Bachelor's degrees. 

His first foray into entrepreneurship during college ignited his passion for business development and innovation. Subsequently, his strategic investments in Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, and Google and his own ventures have earned him self-made billionaire status. Maverick's incredible journey exemplifies the power of determination and unyielding dedication, serving as a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit to conquer challenges and achieve unparalleled success.

As a consultant, Maverick leverages his vast experience and remarkable track record to guide and support businesses in their pursuit of growth and innovation. By sharing his insights and unique perspective, he empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape and achieve their full potential.

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